Şebnem Şan

Legal Intern

Mobile: +90 531 513 88 98
E-mail: s.san@senolsomran.com

Şebnem is currently pursuing her senior year of studies at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law. Her academic journey began at TEV’s high school for gifted and talented students, where she demonstrated a strong commitment to her education. Throughout her academic career, Şebnem actively engaged in numerous educational and certificate programs, both as a dedicated student and a proactive participant. Prior to her association with ŞenolSomran, her focus primarily revolved around various facets of law, including corporate law, insurance law, the contract law of England and Wales, yacht construction, and international arbitration matters. These experiences allowed her to gain valuable insights and expertise within multinational firms.

Şebnem is fluent in both Turkish and English, which enhances her ability to navigate the complexities of international legal matters and communicate effectively with diverse clients and colleagues.

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