Art / Luxury Collectibles

We provide tailor-made solutions in all legal matters related to art.

Our legal practice covers all aspects of art world including IP, transactions, commissions, entertainment, insurance, tax, authenticity of art pieces and luxury collectibles.

The art law has entered our lives as a separate sub-branch of law in recent years. The art world is ever evolving just as technology does. While the digital world helps enabling artists and their “art d’oeuvre” to gain broader access to new audience groups, it also creates a “danger” of protection for the authenticity of the art ideas. By protecting this authenticity, we help artists, collectors, galleries, art dealers, investors, auction houses, private foundations, museums, curators, exhibitors and everyone else who is in special needs related to art law.

Our aim with this formation is to provide legal services for the promotion, presentation, marketing and sale of art pieces, to all operators, which we can also refer as “artists and art intermediaries”.